Sunday, November 14, 2010

Disney Princess Month

In celebration of the Nov. 24th release of "Tangled," the Disney take on the Rapunzel folktale, Worthy of Note  is officially commemorating November2010 to be Disney Princess month.

Starting tomorrow and continuing every weekday until the end of the month, Worthy of Note will be publishing a review of each of the films in the Disney Princess canon, along with a few other similar or related films.  We're also adding two new authors to the blog for this feature.  We're very pleased to welcome Neophytus and Aléxandros to the Worthy of Note team, and look forward to their reviews of "The Little Mermaid" and "Mulan" for this series!

The reviews will be posted on the following days:
Mon., Nov. 15 -- Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, by Cinema Muse
Tues., Nov. 16 -- Cinderella, by Cinema Muse
Wed., Nov. 17 -- Lady and the Tramp, by Thunder Fist (response by Publius)
Thurs., Nov. 18 -- Sleeping Beauty by Cinema Muse
Fri., Nov. 19 -- The Little Mermaid by Neophytus
Mon., Nov. 22 -- Beauty and the Beast by Bookwyrm
Tues., Nov. 23 -- Aladdin by Publius
Wed., Nov. 24 -- Pocahontas by Thunder Fist
Thurs., Nov. 25 -- Hercules by Cinema Muse
Fri., Nov. 26 -- Mulan by Aléxandros
Sun., Nov. 28 -- Enchanted by Cinema Muse (response by Publius)
Mon., Nov. 29 -- The Princess and the Frog by Cinema Muse
Tues. Nov. 30 -- Tangled by Publius

Enjoy the reviews!


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