Monday, April 25, 2011

Orson Scott Card: Shadow Puppets

Shadow Puppets begin with the rescue of Achilles, done by the Hegemon army (Bean’s army from Thailand), without the consent of Bean. Peter believes that he can use Achilles to his advantage. Others, such as Bean and Petra, flee the Hegemon compound as soon as possible, in order to escape the immediate grasp of Achilles.

Bean and Petra travel in hiding together, and she finds out his deadly genetic alteration. This inspires her even more to want to marry Bean, and carry on his species of human. With hints from the last book, we find Bean and Petra in love with each other, despite Bean’s misgivings. It terrifies Bean to love someone so deeply, especially since the two women he loved and cared for before (Poke and Sister Carlotta), were murdered by Achilles. However, this fear does not stop Bean from marrying Petra, after meeting with Anton, and realizing his innate human desire to continue on his genes.

While Bean and Petra find safety with their friend Alai in Damascus, John and Theresa Wiggin try to save Peter from the inevitable betrayal of the mass murderer Achilles. While the Wiggins were minor characters in the other books, we find a unique and caring couple whose children bring them joy, but also bring them the worst fears. With Ender and Valentine gone, Mr. and Mrs. Wiggin’s mission lies in saving Peter from himself.

Even though Shadow Puppets continues with the military stories of the war, it also focuses on the romance and dedication of Bean and Petra, and the devotion of the Wiggins. We find in the midst of raging battles, there are real people, fighting true wars, Bean and Petra discovering that Achilles has their embryos, and Peter fighting his shame in allowing Achilles to fool him.

Orson Scott Card uses his genius writing skills again in Shadow Puppets. We feel every possible human emotion when reading this novel. Joy with Bean finally marries Petra, fear of Achilles’ actions, disappointment in Peter’s decisions, and absolute relief when Bean shoots Achilles in the eye, ending his horrible reign on the world.

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